Our Partnerships

The UK has been an importer of forest products for centuries and in the last 100 years MBM has played a pivotal role in the importation of timber to the UK market. Products have evolved but underpinning this has been the longstanding relationships built between Shipper and Importer.

The name of MBM is a testament to this concept; as it incorporates both the names of Meyer (UK) and MacMillan (Canada) a partnership that was formed in 1919. A further merger on the Canadian side created “Macmillan Bloedel” ultimately resulting in the name MBM which still represents guaranteed predictable supply of quality timber today.

The MBM business has been building on these partnerships ever since an keeping pace with the construction industry’s move towards building with advanced, engineered, off site timber building solutions, MBM has recently joined forces with Groep Terryn of Belgium to promote their highly sophisticated Engineered Wood Systems in the UK, which incorporates Cross Laminated Timber and Kielsteg.

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